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Consfly at Wealth 2.0 - London

This month our financial department will participate in the conference Wealth 2.0 2018 in Central London.

The event will focus on the following issues: the digital advancements and transformations, in the remits of costumer experience and client onboarding techniques; back-office transformation and digital implementation strategies; automation and investment and the tenacious considerations of investment management challenges. This combination will provide an important platform for engagement, covering the breadth of the Wealth industry.

Thought leaders and notable game changers will have a stage to exchange knowledge about the wealth and asset management, showing the latest innovations and developing new strategies and partnerships that will shape the future of Wealth.

Good and relevant speakers will be present, such as the Chief Investment Officer at Credit Suisse, Mr. Michael O’Sullivan; the Chief Digital Officer at BNP Paribas, Mr. Thierry Derungs; the Head of Marketing UBS, Mrs. Kirsten Burt; the Vice President at Allianz Global Investors, Mr. Konstantin Speidel; the Chief Investment Officer at Morningstar Investment Management Europe, Mr. Dan Kemp, among many others.

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