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iKauf Loans International Expansion DIT Business Award

On 3/10/2018, The UK Government awarded the Portuguese investment in UK and British companies in Portugal. The DIT Business Awards commemorate the Portuguese and British companies’ performance and celebrate the strategic bilateral relations of commerce and investment between the two countries.

Thus, one of the companies of the Consfly Group, iKauf Loans Ltd was presented with DIT Business Awards in the International Expansion Category by the British Trade Commissioner for Europe, Andrew Mitchell and the UK Ambassador to Portugal, Christopher Sainty. This ceremony occurred in Lisbon, in the UK Ambassador official residence, with the presence of the highest representants of the awarded companies.

iKauf Loans Ltd is based in London and offers credit to customers high cost short-term (HCST) loans. Its aim is to support people facing short-term economic issues with a simple and transparent financial solution.

The above recognition symbolizes Consfly Group achievements in the UK market, showing the effort reached in the first fintech startup.